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6 Apps for Women That Could Help Keep Them Healthy and Vibrant


Staying fit and improving your health is tough when you lead a busy life, but apps are available to provide all kinds of entertainment, aid, and inspiration along the way. These top six picks for women’s health apps help you stay on the road to health by teaching you new tricks, motivating you with pictures, and keeping you on track with helpful goals and reminders.

Green Kitchen

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This app was created to complement an award-winning vegetarian food blog from a Danish-Swedish couple living in Stockholm. Featuring vibrant, wholesome recipes and images, the app is a great companion to the creative blog.

While this app has won awards as far back as 2012, it boasts new features in 2015. Upgrades have now introduced smart timers compatible with the Apple Watch. This isn’t your typical kitchen timer, but rather a cooking instructor-style timer that notifies you of cooking markers to watch for, like “little tails” appearing on the quinoa. Beginners can now hit the kitchen hard and prepare chef-worthy dishes with the aid of this gorgeous and brilliant app. The app is currently $4.99 and only available for iOS.

Forks Over Knives

Only 1,000 visitors have tapped into the wealth of the Forks Over Knives app, but this one is a keeper. For $4.99, browse healthy, whole-food, plant-based recipes from over 20 top chefs. New recipes are added weekly, complete with mouth-watering pictures and built-in shopping lists. No matter how busy your weekdays are, you can now find a meal that is both delicious and nutritious.

Sworkit Lite – Workout Trainer

Choose your method and the time you have for exercise, and this little app will guide you toward better health. Simply WORK IT (SWORKIT) Lite is set up to provide daily routines ranging between five minutes to an hour. The daily trainer provides videos displaying demonstrations by professional trainers working in strength training, yoga, Pilates, and stretching to help you move towards full-body fitness. Monitor your vitals with the S Health™ feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which includes a built-in heart rate monitor to make sure your pulse stays within a healthy range before, during, and after workouts.

MyDays X – Period & Ovulation

It’s hard to talk about women’s health apps without looking at monthly cycle tracking apps. As the best-rated period tracker in the Google Play Store, this app has earned a rating of 4.7 stars from nearly 35,000 users. It received an award for Top 10 App in Category from AppRxAwards and comes doctor recommended for women everywhere. Track your weight and temperature to find out accurate ovulation times for natural family planning, and be better prepared for the start of your cycle each month with MyDays X.

Beauty Product Reviews

Check out honest reviews from totalbeauty.com through this lifestyle app by Evolve Media. Over 280,000 reviews are available to read about the best dermatology treatments, acne control products, creams, exfoliants, and more. Over 100,000 people have downloaded Beauty Product Reviews and over 1,000 have left shining reviews of the app itself. Search for the products you need and see what others are saying about your favorite brands, like M.A.C., Estee Lauder, Olay, and Cover Girl, among others. If you love to look and feel your best but hate spending money on products that are sub-par, you’ve got to see what others are saying first!

DIY Beauty Tips: Nail Designs

From makeup and hair to nail designs, these DIY tips will help you look your best everywhere you go. Only 100 people have downloaded this app so far, but over half of them have rated it a full five stars. There are over 1,000 DIY tutorials and ideas included in this free app to keep you trying new things and learning about health and beauty.

Try one or two new apps to see how they benefit your lifestyle. Let your phone do more of the work for you, by providing reminders and inspiration for better health. Focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing today will mean a brighter outlook for tomorrow. Do you have a favorite health app that pushes, motivates, or encourages you in your daily life?

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