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Are Protein Shakes Ok During Pregnancy

Are Protein Shakes Ok During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is no joke. It is not just a state that you go through for 10 months, it is also a huge responsibility. There are lot of things that a woman needs to think about when it comes to keeping both her own body and the baby fit. Apart from taking the appropriate pre-natal vitamins, doing regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and getting adequate sleep, you also need to make sure that you’re taking the right amount of protein as this is highly important. Among the nutritional advice that is always being tossed towards you, you might forget to notice the importance of proteins and how it helps in developing the foetus and helping it grow into your child. Have a look at the reasons to take proteins during pregnancy.

  1. Proteins are required for growth: Not only do proteins help you to grow properly, it is also pretty essential for the growth of the baby. Did you know that even an 8 month old baby within the womb of its mother, needs materials that will help in develop and grow? It is only protein that is going to build your brain and it is even through such proteins that your brain will function properly. Hence, you should get the required amount of protein through your food.
  2. Proteins produce iron: According to research it has been seen that the blood volume of a woman changes drastically during pregnancy. It is only through proteins that you can produce the perfect amount of blood cell and help the entire body in producing iron which is extremely vital during pregnancy. Without the required amount of iron, you can’t maintain a healthy immune system. It is also true that women need more iron during pregnancy than during any other time.

How much protein may you need during pregnancy?

After going through the above mentioned concerns, you must be wondering how much protein you might need during pregnancy. Well, according to what the experts say, you should consume three servings of protein which amounts to about 75 grams regularly to eliminate any kind of problems and issues during pregnancy. It’s vital that you make it a habit of consuming protein into your daily diet. It is only by eating the right foods that you can make it easier.

What are the sources of protein?

We all are aware of the fact that poultry, lean meats and fish are some of the greatest sources of protein. However, according to experts, you should start off your day with this much protein from 4 cups of milk and 2 eggs. Not only are they the best sources of protein but they are also cheap enough for you to afford and will offer you at least 32 grams of protein.

Hence, if you’re pregnant, this is the best time to take care of your body as another soul is growing within you. Take into account the above mentioned benefits of protein and ensure consuming enough of it.

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