Home Healthcare Blog Have you ever fancied learning more about your family history

Have you ever fancied learning more about your family history

Have you ever fancied learning more about your family history

What is Genealogy?

Family history research is said to be the fastest-growing hobby in the UK, as well as being the second most popular topic on the internet. Tracing ancestors seems to go deeper than your average hobby, fulfilling some sort of basic need to get to know our origins and, presumably, understand ourselves better in the process. It can certainly throw up some great stories, quotable even outside your own family circle, and provide no end of fun and pleasure.

No matter how we all vary as people, there is one thing we all have in common: ancestors. Heredity is not an exclusive club; everyone has it, and everyone’s lineage has a story to tell. Tracing family history is very much a pursuit that anyone – young, old, or from any background – can participate in. Whether people are royalty or a little less grand than that, everyone is equally able to research his or her own family tree. This is not an area owned by the rich and noble – although, as is always the case with history, there will be debates over whose families matter the most.

Based on the number of generations we have clocked up in a few centuries and the remarkable effect of compound growth, we all have recorded ancestors aplenty. It seems that, statistically speaking, even the most anonymous of 21st century families are the progeny of a mixture of the good, great, sick, sad, strange, evil, infamous, or mediocre. Like leaves on a summer tree, those early branches (we must come from somewhere) soon make big numbers, harbouring a mixture of average Joes, thieves, and paupers, more than you would have thought a respectable family tree could bear. Everyone has a story. Some, because of our rich genealogical resources and the internet, can be tracked down across the centuries. In a sense that true genealogists know well, these people can be made to live again.


Distance learning programmes are becoming an increasingly popular method of learning. It enables students to study at a time and pace to suit the individual. This means your can fit working towards a qualification around your busy lifestyle and personal commitments. A Genealogy course is ideal for those who would like to pursue the research of their family history and discover their roots!


For those of you who would like to learn more about family history, why not study a distance learning course. There are a number of distance learning providers, which enable you to study at a time and pace that is convenient to you.

This diploma assumes that you have no prior knowledge of family history or this type of research. It will guide you, step by step, through the process of tracing your own or someone else’s family tree and history. We are all the accumulation of the genes, characteristics, and behaviours of our ancestors. This diploma is for anyone who has ever wondered about his or her ancestors: how they looked, what they did for a living, and how they behaved. It is also ideal for anyone who is keen to pursue the discipline of genealogy in a professional capacity and wants to learn more about what is involved.

Career Prospects

There are a number of avenues for progression with this course, the majority of students will look to continue on to become a qualified family historian. Helping people to understand their family histories. There is also some individuals who have used this diploma to launch a career in heir hunting, the process of tracking down living family members who are entitled to a deceased relatives estate.

Students will receive all the necessary learning materials and tutor support needed to successfully complete the course.

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