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How to get into the medical field

How to get into the medical field

For people interested in being a doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, or any other professional in the medical field, starting off may feel a bit daunting. Depending on your situation, you may have been told it’s impossible for you. Don’t let the naysayers bring you down!

If you’re determined to break into the medical field, consider these five ways – online training is always available, the official college route is good for some people, joining the military will often give you medical field options, volunteering is a great way to make medical contacts, and don’t be afraid to use family ties.

Consider the Option of Online Training


Your online medical field training is a point and click away. Though many of the programs don’t necessarily have certification associated with them at certain levels, the information will all be the same, and you can at least prove that you are interested in committing. Rates vary widely depending on the institution and the length of program, as well as if there is a teacher involved or it’s simply a self-paced concept where you’re in charge of your own pathway.

Go Through the Official College Route

Probably the most official way to get into the medical field is by enrolling in a medical program at a college. You’ll get the most up to date information, the best equipment, the best classes, the best professors, and probably the best opportunity to move right into a job after you get your degree. It can be crazy expensive, but if you work hard, you’re almost guaranteed a fairly well-paying job after you’ve done your collegiate time. That‘s one reason it’s so competitive to get in in the first place.

Find Your Way Through the Military

If you choose to join the military, you can be sure to look for opportunities to go into the medical field as well. All the branches have medics, healthcare staff, dentists, nurses, doctors, and everything the civilian world has. If you do well at basic training right when you join, and make it clear you want the medical field opportunities, you just have to keep plugging away in that direction.

Start With a Volunteer Organization

If you join a volunteer organization, chances are likely that there will be doctors, health care professionals, or other medical staff on the site of projects. If you hang out with them, you’ll eventually get your opportunity to learn what they do.

Use Your Family Ties

There’s really no problem with using your family connections to try to get medical field opportunities as well. If you parents, or perhaps some other relative, works at a hospital, find out if you can get a letter of recommendation.

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