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How to remove contact lenses with q tips

How to remove contact lenses with q tips

If you are new to wearing contact lenses placing them in for the first time can seem a little tricky, but following these simple guidelines will make inserting and removing them a breeze. The first step is actually buying your lenses. This is the easy part as they can easily be purchased online at Lens.com, like the extremely popular Acuvue Oasys contact lenses. Once they arrive and you are ready to place them in, thoroughly wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel. You should do this before handling your lenses each time and remember to always handle them gently. Another tip to keep in mind is to consistently start with the same lens — either the right or left — in order to avoid any confusion when inserting.

Whenever your contact lenses are being placed in or removed, take the extra step and close the sink drain in order to avoid any mishaps. In general, check your lens for any scratches or marks so that you are only inserting a pristine lens. And even if you find yourself struggling to remove a lens, refrain from using anything sharp or pointed, like tweezers, to remove them. Doing so could cause damage to your eyes. One last overall tip to keep in mind is to prepare your lens case with fresh contact solution and have it open for a quick transfer from your eye after rinsing it with the solution.

Now that some general guidelines have been covered, let’s go over the actual insertion and removal of your lenses. First, rinse your lens with contact solution then place the lens on your index finger, and make sure the edges of your lens are facing upward. After you have completed those first few steps, pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of the hand your lens is resting on and pull the top of your eyelid up with the index finger of your free hand. Look up and place the contact lens on the lower white of your eye, let go of your eyelid, and then look down. When you close your eye your contact lens should move into place. When you are finished with your first eye follow the same steps with the next.

If your contact lenses feel a little dry when you are ready to remove them, moisten them with couple of lubricating drops in order to ease them from your eye. After you have rewetted the lens, look upward and pull down your lower eyelid. Use the tip of your index finger on the bottom of your contact lens and move it downward. Once the lens is on the white of your eye, gently squeeze and remove. Follow the same steps to extract the other lens. If your contact lens happens to get stuck together just rub some solution on it until the edges are freed. When your lenses are removed place them immediately into the contact solution in your lens case. If you run into any issues you can always contact your eye care professional.

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