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Live updates on FDA COVID-19 vaccine advisory committee, Pfizer


12:30 PM: “Let’s roll:” Pfizer trial participant argues an emergency OK should be granted right now

Evan Fein FDA Pfizer trial participant

Evan Fein said he’s had the vaccine for about five months now, and is enjoying exercising, and helping out his older parents.


Evan Fein, a participant in Pfizer’s vaccine trial, said he believes the vaccine should receive emergency use authorization (EUA) immediately to help save lives. 

“An EUA must be granted and must be granted tonight,” Fein said during an hour-long session for public comment Thursday afternoon. “Most Americans will take the vaccine voluntarily, as long as we’re honest, don’t talk down to them, and treat them like autonomous adults.”

Fein said he received his first shot in a Pfizer study more than five months ago, on July 1.

“I think I got a real vaccine, and not a placebo,” Fein said, noting he felt “mild” effects afterwards, including a fever, chills, and pain where his shot was injected the second time. 

He said he was impressed with the study’s follow-up, with calls from doctors and researchers. “Nothing felt rushed, and I never felt like a guinea pig,” he said. 

He’s not worried about long-term side effects, either:

“It’s been more than five months now since my first shot, and I can happily report that there are none,” Fein added. “I’ve helped out my older parents, I’ve gone to work in person, and I’ve exercised in small groups, and I haven’t gotten COVID-19.” 

Given the emergency posed by the pandemic, Fein said “the burden of proof is on those who don’t want to authorize the vaccine,” calling it “immoral and unethical” to not allow healthcare workers and first responders who want the shot to get it.

Fein compared the pandemic’s devastation to another American tragedy: the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. He noted the daily death toll from the virus now exceeds the number of lives lost on 9/11.

“In the words of Todd Beamer, let’s roll,” Fein concluded, referring to the famous last words of a passenger on one of the hijacked flights.

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