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Symptons of cocaine addiction

Symptons of cocaine addiction

If a loved one has a cocaine addiction, you’ll need to step in quickly and get them the help that they need to detoxify from the drug and quit it for good before it ends up hurting them even more or even taking their life. But how can you really tell if someone has a drug addiction, particularly to cocaine?

Continue reading for a list of signs that you should look for. And if these signs appear, it is time to talk to your friend or family member to help them realize the fact that they need to get clean.

Paranoia and Panic

One of the main signs associated with cocaine abuse is paranoia, as well as panic. A person might be very fearful and begin panicking for no apparent reason because the drug affects the mind and distorts emotions and reality. The person who is addicted to the drug will begin to feel like everyone is working against them or is out to get them.

As a result of this high level of paranoia, your loved one may also become very angry or violent. They may even begin to close themselves off in isolation even from those people that they used to be really close to. And they will avoid going out into public and will want to avoid large crowds because of their fear.

Nosebleeds That Occur Often

In terms of physical signs of addiction, you should look for nosebleeds that occur often. This happens because cocaine destroys the internal membranes of the nose. Other symptoms of abuse include a runny nose or one that is stuffy a lot.

You will probably hear your loved one blowing their nose or trying to clear their nose by sniffing, and the individual will probably also wipe their nose a lot. This can ultimately lead to the skin surrounding the nose becoming quite red, tender, and painful too, so look for that sign as well.

Dilated Pupils and Cardiac Issues

A person who is addicted to cocaine will also often have dilated pupils, making them extremely sensitive to light. On top of that, the person will also likely experience cardiovascular problems, such as a rapid heart rate, constriction of the blood vessels, and an enlarged heart that could lead to cardiac arrest or heart attack.

Changes in Behavior

It is also a good idea to look for changes in a person’s daily life and overall behavior. An addict will become distant from friends and family and may even start spending time with a new crowd. They will also stop pursuing things that used to interest them because the drug use becomes their top priority. School, work, and finances also begin to suffer.

Cocaine addiction is a very serious problem. To get your loved one the help that they need to quit cocaine, refer them to a Florida drug rehab center like Rehabilitation-Center.org, where they will get help from experienced and trustworthy nurses and doctors in order to detoxify from the drug and quit for good.

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