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What’s the best way to remove skin tags at home

What's the best way to remove skin tags at home

You’ve only got one body, so why waste any time not feeling 100% comfortable with it? If you’re feeling awkward, uncomfortable, or simply down in the dumps about your body, here are eight tricks that could help you feel better.

1. Spend more time naked.

Are you feeling bloated, flabby, or itchy in your own skin? The last thing you probably want to do is bare it all. But walking around nude every now and then gets you more familiar with the way you actually look, rather than how you “think” you look. Stop to take a good look at yourself, finding parts of your body that you admire, whether it’s your long legs or strong shoulders.

2. Invest in well-fitting lingerie.

Invest in a new set of lingerie for an instant mood lift. Even if you think you know your size, get professionally fitted. It may just surprise you. A perfectly fitted bra can make you stand up taller, make you look slimmer in your clothing, and can make you excited to flaunt what’s underneath!

3. Surround yourself with body-positive images.

Don’t stare at fitspo pictures on Instagram all day when you’re feeling uncomfortable with your current size. Look at pictures of fabulous, fashionable women or men who have your same body type. Are you curvy? Look at vintage pin-up girls or plus size bloggers. Feeling a bit gawky and skinny? Just look at how Twiggy can rock a mini dress like none other.

4. Be realistic about flaws.

Let’s face it, even with diet and exercise we’re not all going to be supermodels. It’s a challenge to embrace your own body when it doesn’t look anything like your size 2 friend’s in a bikini, but it’s worth working on this. You’ll only feel better and better over time.

5. Find solutions.

That being said, if there are certain areas that you feel super self-conscious about to the point that it’s ruining your self-esteem, you can be proactive about finding solutions. Do you hate to show your face in public because of acne scars? Look at laser treatments and lightening creams. Does your A-cup bra size bring you down? Treatments, like for example breast implants by Dr Jeremy Hunt from Sydney, could make lingerie shopping more exciting. There’s a wide range of beauty treatments out there to help you tackle problem areas.

6. Make time for exercise that you enjoy.

Exercise is key to a positive attitude. It not only makes your body firmer, stronger, and shapelier, but it also boosts endorphins for a mental lift. You don’t have to invest in a personal trainer, but find a physical activity that you enjoy, whether it’s dancing or riding your bike.

7. Get a massage.

Indulge in a bit of pampering to show your body some love. There’s nothing like a massage to focus on each part of your body.

8. Spend some quality alone time.

Feeling great in your own skin also means taking the time to enjoy your own company. Take yourself to the movies or spend some time sitting in a coffee shop with your own thoughts. This gives you unlimited licence to focus on yourself, and yourself alone.

There’s no magic bullet that will cure body image issues, but these ideas are a good way to start!

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